Student Testimonials

Student Testimonials

Note: Langkaer Gymnasium became part of the AARHUS TECH family of educational programmes in October 2018. The school changed its name to AARHUS GYMNASIUM at the same time. 

Peter: The most valuable things I have gained from doing the IB at Langkaer have been the ways in which I have developed outside the classroom. One of these is the greater general cultural understanding and acceptance of diversity I have acquired from getting to know people of different beliefs, backgrounds, and cultures. Another is that the difficulty of the IB has allowed me to familiarise myself with the magnitude of my learning capacity, and to push my own limits; some which I found far beyond what I had previously assumed.

Johanne: The IB can be a very giving and educational course if one is ready to make a serious effort for it, but it is important to state that the IB is not for everyone as it is very challenging and includes loads of self-study which means that self-discipline is key. Therefore, it's crucial to consider how much spare time you're willing to sacrifice on homework before embarking on the adventures of the IB. If this does not scare you away, the IB program can be very rewarding educationally, socially and personally.

DenisI fell in love with this school and it gave me the motivation to come back day after day to gain knowledge and develop not only as a student, but also as a human being. 

Nanna: The IB is a challenging programme and the content and Langkaer's teachers have awakened a curiosity within many different subjects and fields that I had never imagined I would possess. I never thought I would actually enjoy reading. Turned out I just hadn’t found the right book. The good thing about being in a class with people of different cultural backgrounds and different ages is that you feel more accepted in many ways. It allows self-growth, great connections and friends for life, it's almost as if you bring the world into the classroom. 

Aslak: Ultimately, I found that Langkaer was just a great school for the IB with some fantastic teachers who are capable of helping you succeed.

Lukas: The IB at Langkaer taught me how to function in a culturally diverse community with high academic expectations.

Signe: I am more able to communicate and express myself to others, and I am prepared for my university classes.

Karoline: Doing the IB has taught me a lot about how to structure my time.

Laila: Langkaer gave me a peer group that I made very close friendships in, teachers who are passionate about their subjects and care about their students, and the opportunity to do fun things like MUN.