AARHUS GYMNASIUM offers a one-year pre-IB programme to students interested in taking the IB Diploma Programme, but who have no prior experience of being taught in English. 

The pre-IB prepares students to embark on the academically challenging IB Diploma Programme.

For further information about AARHUS GYMNASIUM's Pre-IB Programme, please contact Maria Lindinger, Pre-IB coordinator,

Pre-IB Transition Programme

A two or three day introductory course for the pre-IB Programme at AARHUS GYMNASIUM.


You have chosen to attend the transition programme ('brobygning') for the pre-IB at Aarhus Gymnasium, because you are considering applying for this course of education instead of one of the national Danish educations.

In the course of the two or three days you will get a sense of what life is like as a pre-IB student at our school. All teaching will be done in English.

  • You will get a full timetable with pre-IB subjects
  • You will get information about the contents of a pre-IB year and what it takes to continue onto the IB Diploma Programme
  • You will be given the opportunity to talk to pre-IB students
  • You will get a sense of the personal and academic qualifications needed in the IB programme
  • You will get information about how you can use an IB Diploma in your further studies


What we expect from you:

  • That you are here on time
  • That you participate actively in class
  • That you bring writing tools and paper
  • That you attend all classes
  • That your English is above average