Elever i lokalerne igen

Alle elever og ansatte skal følge instruktioner om smitteforebyggelse. Læs instruktionerne her.

Er du ansat på AARHUS GYMNASIUM, skal du følge med på Intranettet.

Er du elev, skal du følge med på It’s learning eller her på hjemmesiden.


Hvad med mit fravær?

Deltagelse i den virtuelle undervisning er obligatorisk. Derfor vil der blive registreret fravær, hvis du ikke laver de opgaver, du får tildelt.

Hvad hvis jeg bliver syg, mens skolen er lukket?

Hvis du bliver syg, skal du melde dig syg, ligesom du plejede at gøre før Covid-19. 


Information about the corona virus / Covid-19

Because of the current Covid-19 situation, the authorities have introduced new measures for schools in Aarhus. As a matter of course, AARHUS TECH follows these guidelines, and all teaching activities requiring that students are present at school have been shut down.

If you are a student, you will receive information on Its learning or the school website.

The new initiatives have the following consequences:

In classes teaching will be conducted virtually / online when it is possible, and it makes sense.

On Its Learning information will be shared about how this teaching will take place.

What about my absence?

It is mandatory to attend online classes, and those who do not attend, or fail to hand in assignments, will be marked absent.

What happens if I become ill while the school is closed?

If you get ill, you must inform your teachers and student counselors, just like you did before the corona virus.